Casio SE-G1-WE Cash Register Till

Ref: SEG1W1

This model is the cheapest cash register that will print your business name & address and vat number (maximum 5 lines*) on the receipt.

High-visibility LCD
Easy-to-read large LCD display at the height of 25mm with 8 digits.
The large LCD offers excellent visibility for shop staff and customers to easily confirm sales transactions.
Quiet thermal printer
SE-G1 registers are the first in their class to be equipped with a thermal printer that offers quiet operation and attractive output. Drop-in paper loading is convenient and effortless.
8 Department buttons
Use shift button to control up to 24 departments, please note you CANNOT put the names of departments on the paper roll.
We do sell other models that do this e.g. Casio se-s10, Casio se-s400, Sharp XE-A207
Small Cash drawer ( size 326mm wide x 345 mm depth)
3 note & 5 coin compartments
Sanitary anti-bacterial keyboard
Antimicrobial keyboard conforms with ISO 22196 standard.
Multipurpose tray this helps keep the cash register area neat and tidy.
Designed for quick setup
The TAX PGM key makes it easy to set the tax rate and current date and time using an interactive menu. User-friendly design makes it possible to quickly prepare a register for use.
Other Features:
8 Clerks
Support for up to 999 price lookups (PLUs) makes these registers suitable for use in shops carrying a wide variety of products.
Receipt Customization-Customize receipts by adding messages, store names, and phone numbers.
Envionmentally Friendly, Eco-conscious product design, with compact size, and use of recycled material in the cash register body and packaging.
Journal OR receipt printing selection, this printer cannot switch off.
1 printer for selecting the receipt model OR journal condensed print that gathers inside.
Battery backup for memory protection* (* Batteries are not included with this unit)
Three ways to tender payment (cash, charge, or check)
Save printing paper by choosing just to display result of sales check on the LCD.
Easy-to-use calculator function.
Simple mode switching.
What's in the box?
Cash Register
Roll Paper - 1piece
Mode Keys - 2 pieces
Drawer Key - 1piece
Magnetic plate* - 1piece
User's Manual - 1piece
Quick Start Guide - 1piece
* Use this plate for tacking the notes received from customer