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80mm X 70mm Thermal Till Rolls. Box Of 20
80mm X 70mm Thermal Till Rolls. Box Of 2080mm X 70mm Thermal Till Rolls. Box Of 2080mm X 70mm Thermal Till Rolls. Box Of 20

80mm X 70mm Thermal Till Rolls. Box Of 20

Item Code: 8070T
High Quality Thermal Till Rolls Manufactured in the UK. 80mm wide x 70mm diameter thermal rolls for your Epos Terminal or Kitchen Printer.
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98% On Reviews
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Suitable for the following models.
Micronics - TSP650II Bti
Aures - HSP-7000, ODP-1000, ODP-160, ODP-200, ODP-200H, ODP-500, TRP-100, TRP-100 11
Axiohm A715,  A716,  A721,  A756,  A758,  A793,  A794,  APOS Premium II,  Astrium,  TELESTO,  TPG A760,  TPG-A795
Bixolon- SRP-350 Plus, SRP-352 Plus, SRP-370, SRP-372, SRP-F310, SRP-F312, STP-131
Casio- UP-360, VR200, VR100, VR7000
Citizen- CBM1000,  CBM1000 TypeII,  CBM230,  CBM232,  CBM233,  CBM253,  CMB800,  CT-S300,  CT-S310,  IDP310,  IDP3210,  IDP3221,  IDP3310
CNX- 500
Ellix- 20, 40
Epson- M129B,  M129C,  M129H,  M-T301,  T301A,  TM-881,  TM-8811,  TM-88111,  TM-H5000II  TM-H6000,  TM-H6000II,  TM-L90,  TM-T20,  TM-T70,  TM-T80,  TM-T85,  TM-T88,  TM-T881V,  TM-T883,  TM-T90
Fidelity- CR2010T, CR2510T, CR715T
Ithaca- 610, 80 Series
Knight- TL-TH13F
Labau- TM-200
Maxatec- A794, MT-150,  TPG A776, TPG A795
Metapace- T-1, T-2, T-3
NRP- 2000
Omron- RS650
Orient- BTP-R580, BTP-R880NP
Posligne- HSP-7000, ODP-1000, ODP-160, ODP-200H, ODP-500, TRP-100, TRP-100 II
Sam4s Ellix-20, Ellix-40, SPS-530
Samsung- SRP-350,   SRP-350 Plus,   SRP-350G,   SRP-F310,   SRP-F312,   SRP-R200,   STP-131, SRP-350
Sewoo- WPT-100
Sharp UP-800, UP-810F, UP-811F, UP-820F, UP-820N
Star- SCP 700,  TSP 100,  TSP 113,  TSP 143,  TSP 210,  TSP 242,  TSP 412Z,  TSP 442Z,  TSP 613,  TSP 643,  TSP 743,  TSP 847,  TSP-200-24 Series,  TSP-400-Z,  TSP-550II,  TSP-552,  TSP-600,  TSP700,  TSP-700
Toshiba- B-431,  B-443,  B-452,  B-452 HS,  FS-1455,  TRST-56,  TRST-A00,  TRST-A10,  TRST-A12,  TRST-A15
Tysso- PRP-08011, PRP-08111, PRP-085111, PRP80, SX 7505
CBM 231, CBM 233, CBM123, SX 8505, SX6750, TP832, TP932

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Have used Cash register group for my pros and am very happy with the service. Originally Mark guides us through the setup which was very straightforward. We have been closed due to pandemic and are getting ready to reopen but the person responsible for the Epos no longer works for us. I was dreading to call up as I am not very technical so wasn’t even sure what questions to ask. Spoke to Louise Brown who was just brilliant! She emailed me a faq for our till system but the reason I am writing this review is because her customer service skills are the best I’ve had dealings with in a long time. She offered me a solution that was extremely efficient and would get my issues sorted in the fastest possible way. Thank you for your help and if any company needs help understanding what providing excellent customer services is then please speak to CRG and Louise!!!


Good quality and good price

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