Vr7000 Epos Terminal And Lifetime License

Introducing the V-R7000 open platform Android™ touch terminals equipped with 15.6-inch widescreen LCD and Lifetime Epos Software. The ability to support a wide range of operations, retail, hospitality, small shops and chain stores, with the stylish design suitable for any location. These terminals are innovative and will transform POS management by delivering flexible scalability to expand the scope of business controls.
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VR7000 15.6inch Terminal and Casio Lifetime EPOS software. please note this is not supplied with a cash drawer or printer (these can be purchased in the accessories)

Widescreen LCD

These Android™ terminals are equipped with a highly legible 15.6-inch widescreen LCD touch panel. High resolution of 1366×768 pixels substantially increases the amount of information that can be displayed on a single screen, making it possible to design highly comprehensive menu screens.

The LCD display supports landscape and portrait layouts. This increases the number of lines that can be displayed on a single screen. Product lists, sales reports, journals and other information is easier to read and comprehend.

Stylish Design

Specifications that offer a variety of installation options

Equipped with a widescreen display, these POS terminals retain a slim form factor with minimal counter-top footprint.


The V-R7000  Android™ terminals offer solid state technology with no hard drive, fan or other movable parts that increase hardware performance, reliability and reduce maintenance cost by ensuring long-term stable operation.

Secure specifications minimize the impact of power outages

The terminals are equipped with an internal battery to prevent data loss even if a power outage occurs. After power has been restored, the terminal is restored to its previous state and the transaction can be resumed immediately.


Casio’s POS application software has been designed for hospitality and retail operations. Menu’s and price levels, modifier selection screens, automatic discounting, large scanning database, inventory, scanner, scale and historical reporting on sales activity are available to manage your business.

Solution to GROW Your Business

This Point of Sale business solution can be adapted to the styles and activities of individual operations. Applications for multi-store management and services using the internet are available.

Electronic journal tool
Use this tool to view, search, and print from a PC electronic journals prepared from each cash register.