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Scales & Weighing

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Scales & Weighing

Our selection of retail scales and shop scales are used to calculate the price of a product based on its weight.

All retail scales supplied by come with UK trade approvals as standard. In the UK, you will need to ensure that your scale has been CE or M type approval stamped.

We supply retailers such as convenience stores, delicatessens, butchers, bakeries and other retailers that rely on accurate weighing scales.

Flat plate scales can be used for pre-packaged or bagged goods. Whereas scales with scoops can be used for loose goods such as fresh vegetables, fresh produce or even confectionery.

Our range of retail weighing scales have for value and ease of use. If you need any help with the set-up we have a team of specialists available to help. Every set of shop scales we offer benefits from free, lifetime, telephone technical support.

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