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Till Rolls for Cash Registers

Till Rolls for Cash Registers

Cash Register Group supply till rolls for most modern cash registers that are currently available. All the current model Casio, Olivetti, Sharp and Sam4S cash registers that Cash Register Group sell use thermal paper (generally suffixed with a T). Customers who may have previously bought the entry level Sharp XE-A107 cash register need non thermal/normal paper as they have a printer built in. 
If as a cash register user you are confused by the many different types and sizes of till roll paper available, just measure the width of your current rolls and this is the first number on the till rolls, so for example 57mm x 30mm means that the roll is 57mm wide (the most common size). The next number is the diameter of the roll, so again in the example 57mm x 30mm (5730T), the 30mm refers to the diameter of the rolls. As mentioned previously, in the example 5730T, the ‘T’ stands for thermal. Obviously, the larger the number, the more paper is on the roll as the plastic hub centre is usually standard size. So a 5730 roll has 8 metres of paper on it, a 5740 has 17 metres of paper on it and the 5750 has 28 metres of paper on it. The larger rolls generally make more sense and offer better value for money if you have a large volume of orders going through the cash register but the advantage of the 5730T rolls are that they are both compatible for your cash register and also for your credit card machine, making it easier to manage your consumables stock.   
Buy paper rolls and tills from Cash Register Group, a leading and trusted POS Consumable supplier. We have a range of Paper Rolls including Thermal Paper available in various sizes but please feel free to give us a call should you have any questions that have not been answered above.

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The cash register was delivered promptly and is working well. No problems so far.


The Cash Register Group have been amazing in terms of helping us to select the correct POS equipment and very patient in terms of the after sales support to embed the POS equipment within an unusual setting. I highly recommend Mark and Shane in particular whom have both really looked after us. Well done!


The support I am still getting after a few months of purchase is absolutely amazing. It has been a while since I have come across such a dedicated team, Louise and her team are amazing. I would definitely recommend them. From the start: 1. price great 2.delivery great

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