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Casio SEG1 Error Codes & Troubleshooting

First time set up or factory reset 

1.     Unplug the machine and take out the batteries (or make sure none are inserted)
2.     Key mode must be turned to the OFF position
3.     Install the paper roll (making sure you hear a click when putting down the arm). You DO NOT have to put the plastic through the middle of the paper rolls, the spool is only used to gather the paper if you are keeping the journal.
4.     Plug in the machine and wait for the printer to print on the paper (if the machine shows E10 on the display, the paper hasn’t been inserted correctly) 
5.     Press 0 (forEnglish language) then CA/AMT TEND (the large cash button) 
6.     Enter the date in the format ddmmyy
7.     Enter the time using a 24hr clock
8.     Turn the key to REG
9.     Insert 2 x AA batteries (not supplied), if L appears on the screen the batteries have not been inserted correctly. 
10.   When entering a sum of money in to the till, DO NOT use a decimal point, £1.99 is entered as 199 then the department button. 

Receipt Printing Mode

How to set the machine to print standard customer receipts

PGM > 1 > CH 

How to set the machine to print journal mode

PGM > 0 > CH

The machine is printing a EURO symbol

PGM mode > 3 > SUB TOTAL > 2422 > SUBTOTAL > 0 > CASH amount tendered

The cash drawer doesn’t open more than a few inches

Inside the cash drawer is blue semi clear plastic clamp (which is used to hold down notes / receipts) which sometimes becomes lodged in the top of the cash drawer in transit – therefore stopping the drawer from opening correctly.

To resolve this – you can sometimes get a ruler in drawer and release it. Or failing that you will need to open the cash drawer as far as you can and pull on it until it releases it self. 

Error Codes

Code              How to Resolve

0                     If you have a flashing zero on the screen – this is to select language. Please see above for first time setup
L                      L letter appears on the left side of the display. This means low battery – either replace batteries or insert 2 x AA
E01                 Mode switch position changed before finalization. CURE: Return the mode switch to its original setting and finalize the operation.

E10                 Till roll error. Please insert a till roll 

Installing till Rolls
You DO NOT put the plastic spool through the middle of the paper rolls, the spool is only used to gather up the paper if you are keeping the journal.
You lift the arm up drop the paper in pull the end of the paper forward and then close the arm back down on top.

Decimal point 

If you are typing in an amount DO NOT use the decimal point £1.99 is entered as 199, then use dept button.

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