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Can the system run offline, or does it need an internet connection?

The terminal and software can run smoothly offline if required, however, please note if you have any additional devices such as the customer display, kitchen display, or tablets then you must connect them all to the internet. However, to run a single terminal it can run completely fine offline, you will notice a few features are not available offline though such as refunds, new customer registration, programming changes. You will notice the terminal stores the receipts locally in the receipt list and they will be marked as ‘unsynced’. You can then take the terminal to an internet connection to transfer sales data to the back-end portal and to download any programming changes. Therefore, please do not go to the settings of the software and log off – it will give you a warning that these receipts are unsynced and will be lost if you log off. You can just either close the app or turn off the device – then when possible if you go online – all the sales data will be loaded to the back office and the terminal will download any programming changes.

Making programming changes – how does it work?

To make any amendments to the programming data you must have an internet connection (either via the terminal or the back-office portal). Whenever you make a change the changes or stored on the portal, so if your terminal is offline, the next time it picks up an internet connection it will download any changes.

End of day / z reports – how to do?

Within the back office in settings then features are an option for ‘shifts’ we highly recommend this is turned on. This allows you to open a shift, pay money in and out and then run an end-of-shift report (to generate a Z report for cashing up purposes).

Multi terminals or adding a new till to your system.

If you have more than one device running the loyverse POS app (i.e. multi terminals or tablets and terminals) you need to create a POS device for each – you are then able to name each device i.e. Main till, function room till, etc – then when you first log onto the software of the device it will ask you to select from the device names – the device then saves this and you can report via device if required.

Test sales / Training

If you have made any transactions for training purposes, you can log into the back off portal > reports > receipts > then find the relevant transaction(s) then hit the 3 little dots in the top corner and cancel the transaction.

Cash Drawer does not open when doing a sale?

Firstly, the cash drawer only opens when you do a cash sale or when using the option to open the drawer and doesn’t open when doing a card sale. If for any reason it does not open when doing a cash sale, firstly check the drawer lock is in the unlocked position and send ensure the cable from the drawer is in the USB connection and not the ETHERNET port for the printer – they do look quite similar.

Custom Pages on the Sales screens?

Once you have downloaded your programming down to the terminal – you can make custom pages on the terminal – i.e. top products, each page which has a mix of products, departments, and discounts – therefore this allows tills to be slightly different based on what their main products are. For example in a Restaurant – the till at the bar can be customized to focus on drinks, whereas as the till at the back can be focused on the food menu.

Tables / Tabs / Customers

In the back-office go to settings then go into open tickets and there you can add a predefined ticket and call it Table 1 etc – don’t forget to sync your terminal after you have made these changes. So, when you are back on the terminal you can now click the items for sale then top right of the screen there are 3 dots – a press that and click on move ticket – you can then pick a table that you would like to assign that sale too press move in top right to confirm. When you want to open that table click on OPEN TICKETS and pick the table you would like to see – again top right press the 3 dots and there you will have a print bill. You can also use this function to create accounts as you can save items and then after you do end of the day the next time you log in they will still be there for you (kind of creating a customer on account).

How to create an open price item / Misc item

To create an OPEN price item on the terminal or back office – sign into your account and go to item list, add an item but leave the price blank. Save the item – now sync device if required and when you press on this item it will ask you to input the price before adding to the ticket.

Import / Export of data

For bulk import and export of stock items please watch the video on the following page to show how to do it via CSV. File

On the csv file (that is the template you can import and export) on Loyverse in items to make sure barcodes are correct – on the spreadsheet click on the column N to highlight all of the column - then press the arrow next to general and go down to “more number format” and change to number then in the decimal places box change that number to 0 and click on OK. Resave the file and import that back into your back office and then sync terminal devices. When you export your products to the csv file you can change the settings first before adding more products etc to the list and saving for import back to items list in back office.

POSB1 Hardware Setup

Cash Drawer

Firstly, unpack the cash drawer and put it into position. The drawer is powered/triggered by the printer and communicates via the cable with the drawer. You do have approx. 1m of cable which allows the drawer to be potentially stored underneath the counter if required. The cable connects to the printer in the slot next to the power cable NOT the ethernet one in the middle of the printer.


To connect the printer to the EPOS terminal you use the USB cable (the serial cable is not required). Also, plug in the mains power.


Place the USB cable from the printer into one of the USB slots on the terminal and then power on the terminal. The sharp RZE302 does not have Wi-Fi so If you require an internet connection you will need to either plug in an ethernet cable or use a Wi-Fi device (these cost around £20 and are available on our website – search for WIFI REPEATER. You only really need internet when you are using multiple devices and syncing data (i.e., either downloading program changes or sending sales data to the website portal – once you have set up the terminal and downloaded the programming – you can potentially just run the terminal offline if required).

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