Olivetti ECR7190 Cash Register Till


Olivetti presents the new cash register model ECR 7190 alphanumeric (complies with simplified invoice regulations) supports 14 departments, up to 500 PLU's and improves the printing speed of its predecessor.

This is the cheapest cash register we offer with a metal drawer - Olivetti quality at the lowest prices!

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Olivetti ECR7190 Cash Register Till

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Its ease of use and its extensive features are

•Metal Drawer - unlike other-low end tills which include a plastic drawer
•14 departments - completely programmable with name and default price if required.
•Simple customizable programming of receipt header, receipt footer, departments, clerks and PLU's
•Receipt on/off function
•post receipt print / copy receipt
•up to 500 PLU
•8 Clerks
•4 forms of payment types (Card, Check, Charge and Cash)
•4 Vat rates handled
•lockable Metal cash drawer
•Larger Operator Display (10 digits)
•small design 267mm high x 398mm wide and 398mm deep
•small and cash drawer (8 coins and 3 notes)
•Training mode - ideal for learning how to use the machine or for new starters
•8 languages - Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish and English)

This cash register offers the ideal functionality for small business and also has a range of Specialized keys and functions

•received on account key
•Memory backup (3 x AA's included)
•paid out key
•void key
•refund key
•ability to set up manager password
•management reports
•calculator mode

Please note this machine does not have a customer display.